About VectorOne

VectorOne is a boutique software and technology company made up of people that believe great solutions merge exceptional design, intuitive human interfaces, emerging technologies and best practices that stand the test of time. Have you ever bumped into someone that is doing what they love to do and it shows? That’s our deal. We were lucky enough to figure out that we love to create opportunities and solve problems with technology.

Chris Osborn

Founder, Architect, Delivery Enthusiast

Chris creates solutions to often unique and sometimes very complex problems within the business world. He is a true craftsman of solutions who utilizes the most current technology tools, and his years of experience to architect, design and develop resolutions to business opportunities. While his development background is tightly aligned with Microsoft technologies, his leadership, architect and design skills are universal. Chris has extensive experience in Banking, Health Care, Supply Chain, Insurance, Infrastructure and Web Technologies.

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them

Ann Landers

Our Culture

After too many years of doing what we’re told, we figured out that we could assemble a talented team and do it our way.


We love bootstrapped ideas, especially those that hold the promise of shifting accepted paradigms and universal realities.

We believe innovative solutions enable newer business models, increase revenue and customer satisfaction, and reduce operational expenses.

Dream Big

We are professional problem solvers who love to take on big challenges.

We encourage big dreams and out of the box thinking. We strive for excellence in everything we deliver.

Value people

We treat people how we want to be treated. We encourage personal development and growth of our entire team.

faciliate positive change

We believe that wherever you are is the perfect place to start.

We seek first to understand and listen twice as much as we talk.

Our Services

We help clients to deal with the disconnect between IT and overall business strategy. In conjunction with our IT Strategy, Solution Design and Delivery practices, we work with our clients to reach their goals and deliver real business value.

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PO BOX 2421, Westerville, Ohio, USA